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At Tsquared Bike Co, our expertise lies in BMX Race and MTB. We provide a diverse range of off-the-shelf gear and specialise in crafting custom bike builds, catering to racing enthusiasts of every age. Explore our curated collection of renowned brands listed below or delve into our services, encompassing custom builds and Progate solutions.

  • Thomas Tucker

    Tsquared Factory Rider Tom Tucker is the name sake and where Tsquared all started from. Tom is 9 time world champion dating all the way back to 2013 where he won the 8 boys world championship in New Zealand (check out the video below). Tom will be heading back to America this year for his second year of Junior Elite. Tom rides a 2024 Radio Quartz Pro XXXL with Tsquared 406 rims laced to Onyx hubs with Tioga Powerblock 1.75 S-spec tyres and Formula Cura X brakes. 
  • Teya Rufus

    Teya Rufus, the Tsquared Factory Rider, has proven herself as a force to be reckoned with in the world of BMX. In 2024, she secured impressive victories as the Junior Elite World Champion and the U23 World Cup Champion. With these notable achievements under her belt, Teya now proudly wears the esteemed rainbow jersey of a world champion. Teya rides a Radio Sola Pro XL with Tsquared 406 rim laced to Onyx hubs with Tioga Powerblocks 1.60 S-spec tyres. 
  • Jesse Asmus

    Introducing Tsquared Factory Rider Jesse Asmus! Jesse is currently W2 in the U23 series men's category and will be making the leap to the elite category next year. Jesse is renowned for his blazing speed and precision on the track. Jesse rides a XXXL radio Quartz in his trade mark hot pick colour way. Built with Box bars, forks and cranks. Jesse runs Tsquared carbon wheels laced to onyx hubs with Tioga powerblocks. 
  • Matt Krasevskis

    Tsquared Factory Rider Matt Krasevskis will be contesting all the world cups in Elite man with his fellow team mates. Matt is on a Radio XXXL Quartz in his favourite matte black setup. Matt runs Onyx Ultra SS hubs to handle the power and rigours training schedule of racing world cups 
  • Hayden Fletcher

    Tsquared Factory Rider Hayden Fletcher, joined the team in 2023 and has since been making waves both on and off the track. Alongside his endeavors in the national series, Hayden has also delved into the realm of coaching, leveraging his expertise to guide and inspire the next generation of BMX riders.Hayden rides a Radio Sola Pro XXL with Tsquared 406 rims laced to Onyx hubs with Tioga Powerblock 1.75 S-spec tyres. 
  • Kane Gibbons

    Tsquared Factory Rider Kane Gibbons is the newest member of the team, known for his impressive riding and consistent results. Kane will be riding the all new Radio Quartz Pro XXXXL for 2024 with Formula Cura disc brakes. 

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