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ONYX Front Hubs (Black)

ONYX Front Hubs (Black)

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BMX tracks are the birthplace of Onyx Racing Products and the first instant engagement BMX hubs with a patented sprag clutch design.

BMX racing is all about perfectly timing every pedal stroke and coast around corners, through hills, and during jumps.  Your hubs are the gateway to the ground.

Onyx BMX hubs eliminate any thoughts about compensating for backlash and slack in the powertrain.  Crank away for instant acceleration. It’s impossible to sense any hesitation to drive your wheels with every push on your pedals.

Then you notice the absence of clicking the moment you coast. Suddenly you can hear your tires gripping the surface. Your brain processes a noise-free connection of your bike to the track, helping you tune every move.

Ceramic Hybrid Bearings are standard on Onyx BMX Race hubs and Classic Hubs. Specially formulated for Onyx Racing Products bicycle hubs, these bearings feature ceramic (Si3N4) ball bearings and a hardened chrome steel race. Each bearing contains a heavy dual-lip seal for the outboard facing side and a lighter seal on the inboard side. A synthetic grease blend fill keeps these bearings spinning free and fast! Perfect for racing applications where every watt counts. Serviceable for long life.


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