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ProGate Crescent-4 Start gate (POA)

ProGate Crescent-4 Start gate (POA)

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When competition is at its best, the senses of the athletes in the gate are at their highest. Sometimes, the anticipation to “go” is too much, or something goes wrong at the last second, and a rider ends up over-the-gate. With Pro Gate Crescent-4, an accidental trip over the bars may not be pretty, but danger is all-but removed from the equation.

The “Crescent” design adds an integrated curved face to the drop section of the gate–leaving no opportunity for hands or feet to find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time. Crescent-4 can be installed into a pre-fabricated pit on your training track starting hill, as a semi-permanent unit that includes the rider launch and drop sections, or even fitted on a trailer for traveling to wherever the race action is happening.

The Pro Gate Crescent-8 is the official starting gate for the UCI BMX World Challenge classes. After seeing Crescent in action at the Worlds, and on Challenge hills at BMX tracks around the world, 4X promoters and training facility managers asked us to make a four-rider configuration available. Always happy to oblige.


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